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Commissioning your photos

Commissioning a portrait can be a deeply personal experience, I'll work with you to discuss your needs and meet your requirements. 

I work from reference photos and will require at least one or two high quality photographs in order for me to complete your commission to the highest standard. Working from high quality photos allows me to capture more detail and the finished drawing reflects the true characteristics of the subject. It also means I need to ask less questions. I rarely meet the pets I draw and so I am relying on their owners to provide me with images so I can capture a good likeness and show the personality of your pet.

You will receive a couple of work in progress photos as I work on your portrait to make sure you will be happy with the finished art.

Click here to read more on selecting a suitable photograph for your commission.
kingfisher (2).jpg

Wildlife photos

Wild life portraits can also be requested. However, for copyright reasons I can only work from your own photographs.

If there is a particular animal or bird you would like an artwork of but do not have a your own reference photo please get in touch. I may already have a suitable reference photo which will not infringe copyright laws.

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